Celebration of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

Celebration of 15th anniversary of EGEA


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to Natalya Krivenok, she was elected representative person of Eastern Region of EGEA


24.09 Proposal for the exchange with EGEA-Utrecht


Welcome to the Web-site of Saint Petersburg geographical association for students and young geographers (EGEASt. Petersburg)the branch of European gegraphy association for students and young geographers (EGEA) in St. Petersburg!

International student  geography congress We are young and attractive people, interesting to expand knowledge in the field of geography science via organization and participation in student geography and ecology congresses, student exchanges, special events, public initiatives on environmental protection of St. Petersburg surroundings and historical objects. The main work of organization is realized via cooperation with other NGOs, Administration of St. Petersburg, administrations of Universities, Foundations, and involvement of students and youth attractive people.

The mission of organization:

Development of international relations between students of geographical and ecological specialties;
Exhanging ideas, experience, knowledge;
Student exchanges;
Public initiatives to improve ecological situation in St. Petersburg area; protection of the Nature and historical monuments;
Improvement of the tourism development in St. Petersburg and its surroundings;
Ecotourism development;
Launching interdisciplinary courses, seminars, summer schools;
Development relations between youth NGOs;
Support of our members in all field of interests (e.g. job opportunities);
Research projects, culture projects.

Presently, EGEASt. Petersburg includes the representatives of five St. Petersburg Universities:

1. the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, and ecology departments);
2. the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (tourism, culture geography);
3. the St. Petersburg State University (geographical department);
4. the Gertsen St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University (geographical department);
5. the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic UniversityThe information about the history of organization as well as about our activity and our plans you may find hereActivity






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